Bollards on the road to democracy

When Mood Music
2005-02-16 23:07:00

Well, my brother (Ian, as mentioned in the previous entry) is a bombardier (equivalent to corporal) in the Royal Artillery. He’s just passed a military intelligence course. So, presumably as some kind of reward, he’s due for a four-month tour of Iraq starting in April. I can’t say I’m at all pleased or proud of this. I am annoyed and concerned for him and for our mum – if the past is anything to go by then she won’t sleep all the time he’s away.

Up until now, Gulf War II has been affecting me morally and politically (i.e how can I consider voting for a ‘labour’ government which is manifestly not socialist? [For me, socialism includes some form of pacifism, not least because the majority of victims of wars are working class, socialism’s natural constituency.]) Now, for the first time since Gulf War I, when Ian was in Kuwait, it becomes personal. If anything happens to him or my mum as a result then it becomes very personal.

Highly pissed-off – watch this space

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