Ecologically sound or a sad git?

When Mood Music
2004-12-04 00:57:00

I’m OCRing Fife bus timetables so that I can enter them into the Palm relatively painlessly. Then I’ll put the paper timetables back on the rack at the bus station so that someone else can use them and I am not loaded down with them. (OK they’re not heavy but they do use up space in my bag and make it bulge.)

Even though these are timetables for bus routes I do use or may use (i.e. they’re for routes I use – some bus routes from Glenrothes to Pitteuchar don’t run on Sundays – my normal day for visiting Celia), it seems a whole lot of bother for little gain, just the joy of using the Palm.

I still love the Palm – more than her five daughters could EVER love me. I think the fact that I came up with that last sentence proves I am far more of a sad git than I ever was or will be ecologically sound.

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