A successful week?

When Mood Music
2004-12-03 17:50:00 A Bachelor For Baden Powell-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine-Doma Sportova Live In Zagreb

Leaving aside some rather poor personal interactions

[pause to bang head on keyboard and bellow ‘stupid Bruce’] lofawrcyvewa ypoivweapo iyrwveaoiu vrewa9vrewapuwv reap9wrevapuwove woutewoibgvre oib ogewobpivewo9bvg ewovewo9bwveoubo9bew[/pause]

It’s been quite a successful week.

  1. A complete pain-in-the-bum reprint has had its content’s proof signed off.
  2. Three much less painful reprints have had their contents’ proofs signed off.
  3. The proofs of the covers for two of these reprints have been signed off. (The other two reprints’ covers weren’t changing.)
  4. I’ve written some documentation which should show my colleagues how to track costs and do other ‘management’ parts of their projects.
  5. Despite some blonde moments by people I can’t name, the answers to Past Papers in Higher Physical Education are on the press and are due to be delivered on 8th December.
  6. I’ve got a supplier to recognise that it has charged us for doing work that wasn’t necessary and was only done because the supplier said it was. They’ve agreed to refund the £450 this work cost. I wonder how much of this I’ll see. The probable answer is ‘the square root of bugger-all’.
  7. I got out of work on Thursday with enough time to comfortably do what I needed before going to yoga.
  8. I may have found a way to get some photos for a publication cheaply.
  9. I feel relaxed and inspired to do what I need to do.
  10. At long last I’ve got off my arse and have made contact with a friend who has been going through some rough times. We’ve arranged to meet up next week. She sounds much better than when we last emailed and she told me of her situation..

What else remains to be done?

  • pay some bills (now done)
  • arrange drinkies with Ewan (now done: 8pm tomorrow will be kamikaze time!)
  • Since my last working day will be in Edinburgh and will finish at 8pm, either find somewhere to stay overnight (unless I can fly home that night)
  • Buy my flight home
  • finish a Community Council letter to Fife Council
  • do some fairtrade stuff
  • sort out some Christmas presents (now part done)
  • go home to the bosom of my parental home.

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