return of the king?

When Mood Music
2004-11-07 20:16:00 Unkosibomvu – The Red King-Juluka-The Best Of Juluka

To paraphrase Ms Gaynor:
‘And so I’m back, from outer space
and Bush is still in charge of the place’

In truth, we had heard the result … what the fuck happened? What went wrong? Actually, I don’t want to know just now …. I don’t want to hear how or why Joe and Josephine Sixpack voted the way they did. With the exception of (and any of her family and friends who voted against Bush) and and her ilk, all of the US is off my christmas card list forever.

Later, I’ll want to know how I can at least try to prevent some of Bush’s worst excesses and how to help the US find a candidate who can repair some of the damage Bush has done to my world. (I realise this sounds a little big-headed but you know what I mean.)

Moral majority? I think not. How can killing ever be moral?

  • I have issues with abortion but I have nothing in common with those who would (and do!) kill doctors who perform them.
  • I have nothing in common with those who make dupes so poor that they have no choice but to join the army, get caught up in and brutalised by an un-necessary war, then left to rot by their cynical masters.
  • I have nothing in common with those who vote to increase the scourges on their own backs.

Will all such people please leave my planet. I and my fellow small furry creatures want to be able to gather together in a cave and groove with a Pict without fear of annihilation, thank you.

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