Life is almost sorted!

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2004-10-27 22:04:00 satisfied Eple-Röyksopp-Melody AM

I’m ahead of the game at work – all I have to do tomorrow is brief my colleagues to take on my roles while I’m away next week, install a set of DTP software on a G3 mac, set up a location manager location so it can be used in our Edinburgh office and have two brief production meetings.

My weekend and travel are almost sorted: Elly, Ian and Jane are coming here on Saturday for an afternoon of relaxation in St Andrews, then we head back to Ian and Jane’s in Stirling for a bit, then I stay over at Elly’s and disappear on Sunday morning on a macbackpacker’s tour of Scotland.

I have finally realised why the 2300c wasn’t reaching the internet – it needed a microfilter between the DAA and the phone point. DUH! So now it can talk to the internet at all of 14000 bits per second by modem (or at 10Mbps via ethernet and the router.) This is set up on MacOS8·1 on the SCSI hard disk I’ve installed into the DuoDock. Once I’ve uploaded this piece of boredom, I’ll check the modem and router on the internal ATA hard disk which has MacOS8·6.

Anyway, practical upshot is it is now ready to lend to Celia so she can try to get online, always assuming her MS actually allows her to use a mouse or graphics tablet.

Thereafter, all I have to do this evening is edit an objection I’m writing for the Community Council, text Ewan and pack for my holiday.

Julia and I are going though a fairly friendly period. I’m enjoying her friendship and the tension of keeping together a marriage which wasn’t working is no longer in the way.

Gosh, I wonder what will go wrong!


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