Comme çi, comme ça

When Mood Music
2004-10-18 23:05:00 sick Something In The Way-Nirvana-Nevermind

Weird going back to work after a three-day weekend, and not enough sleep last night. Me and my big mouth!

Achievements today:

  • got the community councillors into the palm (swiftly followed by an hour repairing the ravages of two failed synchronisations with my work mac)
  • sorted the backlist and frontlist schedules
  • ate jackfruit curry
  • spent almost no money
  • had a reasonable IM conversation with Julia
  • installed Norton on the 2300 and sorted both HDs
  • er, that’s it really

What needs done tomorrow?

  • chase up where tow books due today have got to
  • post letter to customs/ParcelFarce telling them what they can do with the £190 customs charge
  • get working on 15 imprint and title pages.

Somehow I think I could be making better use of the time…

Thanks to and for alerting me to a CV or GWB’s utter eviltude and disregardance of even the most basic rules for a corrupt leader, namely ‘don’t get caught!’

The 9/11 Commission’s final report is tonight’s bedtime reading….

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