How did this happen?

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2013-06-12 23:51:00 tired

I now seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time doing fitness things. The italic items are my regular schedule:

  • Monday: 2 back-to-back 1-hour spinning sessions
  • Wednesday: 1-hour spinning session
  • Thursday: 1-hour personal training
  • Friday: 2 hours of the 24-hour spinning marathon
  • Saturday: the final 2 hours of the 24 hour spinning marathon
  • Sunday: 1-hour spinning session

Next weekend won’t have a spinning marathon but we’ll be doing the solstice night coastal bike-ride.

All my fitness stuff happens at Lifescycle, so there’s also a 4-mile commute each way.

And yet I used to hate sport!

The spinning marathon doesn’t mean doing 24-hours non-stop spinning working at this intensity for 24 hours would be, er, challenging. (Then again, there’s RAAM.) Proceeds from the spinning marathon will go to the Scottish Association for Mental Health. One of the spinners has set up a JustGiving page just in case there are some spare pennies available.


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2013-06-12 13:24:00 Dicky Trisco – Ruff Jams Audio 14

Last year I was given an iPad1. Within a month I’d lost it – I left it in a tray in an airport security check. Rather than being returned to me, it was taken off the airport, presumably by a dishonest member of the airport’s staff. Despite the best efforts of Heathrow police, it wasn’t returned. Fortunately my gadget insurance covered this loss.

But I didn’t use the money to buy a new iPad. Instead I bought a refurbished 4GB MacBook Air. I’m very happy with it because it’s small and light, pretty fast and it runs Windows7 (via BootCamp) just fine. Of course I would like more RAM (not possible – RAM is soldered to the motherboard) and storage (expensive).

However, I do occasionally feel iPadlust, expecially when gaming or using VNC on the iPhone because the iPhone’s screen is just too small. I found the iPad too big to carry and game comfortably but an iPad mini should hit the sweet spot. My other big mobile need is route-finding but for this, I’d want the device to be waterproof. I’m almost entirely happy with the Lifeproof case on my iPhone, and Elly rates highly the Lifeproof case on her iPad 3. However, until now there has been no equivalent for iPad minis.

But Lifeproof have just filled this gap, so my iPadlust has become even stronger!

The best-laid plans?

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2013-06-01 19:52:00 pleased Now Show

Our summer holiday plans are to cycle as much as we can along Eurovelo routes from Berlin, via Dresden, Prague, Ceske Budejovice and Linz to Vienna. That’s about 500 miles, and we want a few days enjoying Vienna before we return to Berlin (by train!). So we’ll need to average 60 miles a day, and be prepared to do 100-mile days if we have days off to explore the places we pass through.

We’ll be carrying our spare (and used) kit, arse-unguents, tools, waterproofs and anything else we’ll need en route. (We won’t be camping, so we should get away with 2 full panniers each). Despite all the spinning we do, we still need to train up to long distances with loaded bikes. So we’ve started gently today by cycling to Linlithgow and back. It’s reasonably hilly, and there was a headwind on the way out. But it was fun to get out of Edinburgh onto fairly decent tarmac and enjoy the sunshine and pretty countryside. Even better, it was warm enough to wear just one layer of leggings and a cycle-jersey over a thin base layer.

Worcester wonkyness

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2013-05-30 16:05:00 OK Good grief Charlie Brown – Carter USM

So last week Elly and I made one of our far-too-rare visits to Worcester. I travelled down on Wednesday22nd. As usual, Lev Davidovitch Bikestein and I went by train to Birmingham, then cycled to Worcester. There was strong, gusty wind, so I didn’t break my 27mph record on the Rubery bypass. But, joy of joys, the roundabout at the junction of the A38 and M42 has traffic lights, so there was little to no danger of ending up on the motorway.

On Friday, Lev and I started out towards Birmingham to meet Elly. The weather was still windy, and a thunderstorm appeared to be brewing, so I considered dropping out at Droitwich or Bromsgrove. As Lev and I approached Longbridge, I realised I was behind schedule and that Lev was going much slower than he should have been. It turned out his rear wheel had been badly buckled by a pothole or expansion-joint dip, and the pannier-rack was off-centre, so there was severe friction between tyre and mudguard for 30° each revolution. So we ingloriously finished the journey by slow commuter-train to New Street.

Lev’s rear wheel has now been trued, and I’ve shifted the mudguard/pannier-rack combination back towards where it should be. I think the wheel won’t take many more truings, so I’ve ordered a replacement for as and when, along with replacements for my bike-shoes. June is going to be expensive!

Oh, and this morning’s shopping included aloe vera and coconut oil – recommended prophylactics/cures for cycle-induced arse-chafe!

Here’s some photos:

Funky food

Elly is pensive

Elly and friend

Wee friends

The caffeine hits


Bike-friendly place!

Bike-friendly place!

In Pembridge

In Pembridge

Loaded Lev

Spinning up

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2013-05-30 15:32:00 bouncy Billy’s smart circus

After a week’s hiatus, ’twas so good to get back to spinning last night. Andy laid on a storming session, including Hell’s Bells and Shoot to thrill – serious fast-paced ‘uphill’ runs and jumps pulling out more than either Elly or I thought we had. I’d not eaten enough yesterday, and had forgotten my glucose tablets, so I flatlined with about 10 minutes to go – huge thanks to Ismini and Elly for the chocolate and energy gel.

Looking forward to other-bits training tonight, then the Sunday Sundowner, and then two back-to-back sessions on Monday!

Meanwhile here’s some photos…

training for Tour o’ the Borders (movie)
happy people 1
happy people 2
A spinner needs sustenance!
In t’pub