Lelystad looping

Hello from a cafe outside the Batavia Museum! There is much on how they are rebuilding old sailing ships here. Not a surprise that this is a lively area. We are in a city, a city on land reclaimed from water. Cycling through wiggly suburbs is such a change to cycling through countryside!

We got here via a short but wind- and sand-blown Houtribdijk-cycle. No rain, thank goodness  I’m not totting up the miles because this is a holiday, but here is TICM (the inevitable cyclemeter map): https://cyclemeter.com/dd47ea6f33590baa/Cycle-20190906-1110-18845

Tomorrow we will cycle (weather permitting) to Zaandam. That’s 42 miles so it should be easy, but who knows? Anyway, I am now cured of dijk-dragging.

IMG_2527 IMG_2528
a book we want

a statue near us






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