15 April: Random Bozo gets stuck

So my plan for today was

  • 16:15 to 16:40 fly Amsterdam to Edinburgh
  • 18:00 to 19:00 travel to community council meeting
  • 19:00 to 21:00 take minutes at community council meeting
  • 21:00 to 22:00 travel home.

That’s not how it went:

  • 11:10 check out of hotel and walk to bus-stop as I believe I was advised by hotel reception
  • 12:05 arrive bus stop. This stop requires me to make a reservation for the bus to stop here. (Other stops guarantee that the bus will stop there, apparently, I try doing so, but the website doesn’t work. I stagger back to my hotel, and ask them to book me a taxi.
  • 13:30 taxi departs for ferry terminal
  • 14:00 ferry departs ferry terminal
  • 14:20 bus departs for train station
  • 14:34 train departs for Amsterdam Sloterdijk
  • 15:45 train departs for Schiphol station
  • 16:14 arrive Schiphol station
  • go to KLM shop. After a wait to get a ticket to be allowed in, I am told there are no spaces on any KLM flight this evening or tomorrow, and that they don’t do standby. Am advised to check online with other airlines.
  • Eventually find FlyBE will get me back to Edinburgh early tomorrow afternoon, at only €390:
    • 10:25 depart Schiphol
    • 10:50 arrive Manchester
    • 12:15 depart Manchester
    • 13:20 arrive Edinburgh
  • Look for hotel online: the Airport IBIS is only 3 miles by free transit bus. The hotel itself is another £150.
  • Intersperse phone-calls and texts to Elly with food, buying stamps, processing video, writing postcards, buying stamps and being pissed off.

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