Getting higher!

Grüss-di aus Andermatt! Wir sind in Gasthaus Skiklub, auf Gotthardstrasse. That’s enough German: predictive text is being unhelpful.

So there were quite a lot of trains yesterday and today:

Amsterdam Centraal 18:55 Arnhem Centraal 19:59
Arnhem Centraal 20:44 Duisburg Hbf 22:14
Duisburg Hbf 23:13 Basel SBB 06:22
Basel SBB 08:28 Brig 10:40
Brig 10:40 Brig Bahnhofplatz 10:40
Brig Bahnhofplatz 11:23 Andermatt 13:20

Photo of view of Rhône from train to Brig

View of Rhône from train to Brig

Photo of part of Brig Bahnhof

Brig Bahnhof is watching you!

It’s amazing how much waiting this involved, and mounting and dismounting of luggage. I ended up wearing my wee rucksack over my camel to minimise changeovers. Our normal system is for Elly to get on the train with a bike. I then pass her the other bike, then the panniers, then get on the train.

We didn’t get a lot of sleep on the Duisburg-Basel train. We nabbed a pair of seats each but neither of us could find comfortable positions to lie in. In the end, I got to sleep some time after 2am, sitting with my head resting on Squidge-pig on the tray-table in front of me.

Coffee, a Schoko-croissant and juice at Basel SBB helped, as did a shared breakfast on the train to Brig.

The train from Brig Bahnhofplatz was crowded for the first few stops. there were bike-hanging places in the passenger canines but we were helped by the guard to lift Lev and Fidel into a goods van.

The train to Andermatt wound its way along the Rhône’s very twisty valley for quite a while, before a long tunnel that emerged a couple of stops before Andermatt. We cycle about 600 metres to our hotel: tarmac almost all the way. This was followed by the first espresso and Eiskaffee of the trip, watching roadents and mountain-bikers go by, then a short walking-pole aided walk around Andermatt. I hope the photos do it some justice! Click the thumbnails to see the full-size photos.

View of the Rhône


Fidel and Lev have arrived

Elly mit Eiskaffee!

Chant it down!

Rathaus (one of my favourite German words)

We are not cycling this road to the Rheinquelle. We might be able to do it without luggage (if I was fit) but we have no option to leave it.

Local democracy!

More local democracy

Who needs this when you have espressos and tiredness?

We’ll be on this train to Oberalppass tomorrow.

There’s lots of fun for mad mountain-bikers here.

How to excrete in Andermatt…

… with facilities!

More local democracy

Now nodding out over dinner and Eichhof beers. Zzzzzzzzzz!


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