What Elly said! And here’s the cyclemeter map. I’m quite pleased that before this recycling trip I cycled to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and back (about five miles each way) and felt reasonably capable on the slope up to Little France. (‘Reasonably capable’ here means staying out of granny gear!)

So I’ve now undergone my gastric emptying test: from what I say, my stomach is behaving properly. I have a meeting with the GI specialist next Monday at a hospital even further than ERI. I’m looking forward to arriving in Lycra because I’ve cycled there, not because it minimises pressure on my guts.

Om the whole, I am much better (I can generally walk a lot further than I could just a month ago: maybe up to a mile!) but still find sitting for long unpleasant, and car/bus journeys are not on just now. I still get random pains in my legs and guts, and I still tire easily (I slept for an hour after the ride to ERI) and I can still be a moody depressive horror, but I’m feeling pretty good just now. Vivat revolutio!



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