Gut instinct (with updated photos)

After another phone conversation with my GP:

  • I’m still so weak that standing for more than a minute or so isn’t good. My knees want to give way and my left hip hurts. This is probably because I’ve lost muscle mass thanks to a long period of not eating much. Even now, my appetite isn’t anything like it used to be: cereal for breakfast, a full meal at lunchtime, then a full meal in the evening, with lots of snacks between. So I’m to try to build up my resilience. Tomorrow I will cycle to our polling place – all of 0·2 miles!
  • The course of antibiotics is over, thank goodness. I’m still taking two doses of Omeprazol (anti-acid) a day, along with Movicol and up to four lots of two paracetamols a day.
  • The pain is much less intense than it has been. Earlier it would be screamingly intense until I managed to get to sleep but when I woke it would be gone for a while. Now it’s constant unless I stand or lie prone, so I’ve spent most of the day lying on a mattress in the spare room – it’s more comfortable and less far to fall from than the bed. Even sitting in the bath appears to put pressure on something in my lower abdomen, and lying on my back is quite unpleasant.
  • It’s still unclear whether I have just the hernia, which is manifesting itself as lower-abdomenen pain as well, or the hernia and another condition lower in my bowel. So I think I need to see a GI specialist, as well as receive full feedback on my colonography. My GP agrees, so she and Elly are chasing this up.
  • My abdomen and legs still don’t like being in contact with anything but the smoothest material, and anything with a waist-band is right out. So I tend to wear my lunghi in an unconventional way. (I bought it around 10 years ago: the photos and my comments at the time are quite naïve.)

    8 May 2006: tucked style


    8 May 2006: long-style


    4 May 2016: avoiding pressure on my abdomen


  • I’m feeling quite a bit more energetic just now, even though standing and walking are taxing. I’m even contemplating having dinner ready for when Elly returns from spinning. (It won’t be complex: just ready-made nut cutlets, mashed potatoes and frozen peas.) It’s been a lot easier to talk, and to make occasional jokes: until today I’ve gasped out words slowly, most of the time staring out from behind paranoid eyes, petrified that I’ll never recover.
  • The energy may be partly because of finishing the antibiotics but it may also be because I’ve had a lot more sleep: I slept from before midnight until 4:30, then from 6:30 to 8:30, then from 10:00 to 1:30pm. While awake, I’ve lain prone, reading 60s sci-fi and listening to several versions of Echoes, and about half of The Final Cut. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the former track, especially the version recorded in Pompeii.

I think that’s enough tedium for now.

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