Going nowhere

Last blog, I mentioned that I was effectively confined to my ‘nest’ in our spare room. The next day I attempted to overcome this: I walked to the corner shop next door to our flat. That wasn’t so pleasant but was achievable.

On Sunday I attempted to walk to the nearby branch of Boots: I had run out of some over-the-counter medicines I use frequently just now. Fortunately Elly accompanied me. She had offered to go to prevent me over-tiring myself but I stupidly thought I could walk 0.2 miles there, have a rest, then walk back. Wrong! By the time we got there I was so drained that I had difficulty standing without leaning against a wall. We got a taxi back home and I slept most of the rest of the day.

Since the, my contributions to the household have been only to lie prone on a mattress in the lounge letting Elly know which books from our over-large collection I wanted to keep. Lying on either side causes some internal irritation while lying on my back causes irritation all across my abdomen. The only comfortable positions are standing or lying prone. Sitting upright is tolerable for a while.

I’ve had my last antibiotics this morning: here’s hoping I’ll get a bit more energy. However my innards clearly still aren’t right, so I wonder if a further endoscopy or other internal examination is necessary. Watch this space!


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