Not so full: 17%

spinathonSo the past few weeks have not been fun. Since early February, my innards have been painful, at times screamingly so. I’ve been constipated and very tired, some days hardly able to stir from my bed. My abdomen has been distended, and its skin (and the skin on my legs) has been irritated, so that sleeping has been interrupted – I tend to sleep from mid-evening until about 3am, then toss and turn until about 5am before dropping off again for a couple more hours. I’ve also been short of breath at times, presumably from my distended innards impeding my diaphragm. 

Despite weekly visits to my GP, and two hospital examinations, I have no idea what’s causing this. All I know for sure is that my ascending colon is chock-full of slowly-moving fecal matter. Instead, treatment has been symptomatic: currently osmotic laxatives to soften my throughput, and glycerol suppositories to stimulate its egress.

So the paper based on my MSc dissertation hasn’t got any further – I did lots of reading in January but that’s where it’s stalled. I did deliver a workshop for community councils on Tuesday, and am slowly editing the video from it. (My deadline for this and the report from it is Friday.) Our plans for the Iron Curtain Trail are on hold until I’ve had a colonoscopy to see what’s going on inside me. (I’m on the urgent waiting list, so it will happen some time in the next few weeks.)

Meanwhile, Elly isn’t in top form either. Despite finishing her incredibly stressful job at the end of last week, she’s tired. The inevitable end-of-work cold has got to her this week. And to put the tin lid on it, on Thursday morning she slipped and wrenched her knee and ankle. Strapping and ice-packs have helped, but neither of us are fully fit.

So our sponsored spjnathon has been jeopardy. Even yesterday, when we went to LifesCycle to reserve bikes, Elly’s ankle was still swollen and I was ready to drop. This morning, despite sleeping from around 10pm to 5am and feeling relatively energetic, I wasn’t sure that I could do 100 minutes of spinning followed by another hour-long session. While Elly is super-fit and strong, so that this wouldn’t normally be any problem for her, I was concerned that the physical stress would damage her leg more.

However we made it! Thanks to Andy’s and James’ infectious instruction, video and music, we pulled ourselves through jumps, sprints and hills. Elly span at full tilt, while I kept the pedals turning. I couldn’t run on the pedals but I did manage to keep up with the beat most of the time. The second session felt deliciously short compared to the 100 minutes of the first, although I ran out of mental energy fairly soon ofter we started. (I think my legs could have given more, but I couldn’t make them do so.)

We’re now home, almost productive and pleased that we’ve got through 17% of the spinathon. Monday should take us to just under 40%, with 45 minutes starting at 7am then two hour-long sessions in the evening!


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