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2015-03-12 18:51:00 happy this hiss of cars on a wet road
I’m very tired but I’m happy because good things have happened today.

The contract research survey is out and running. If you work in libraries, archives, records, or information- or knowledge management, please answer it. it won’t take long, and it will help CILIP and ARA work better for you.

Even though I spent only 30 minutes this morning on the second half of a piece of homework (the first half took over 2 hours), I received very complimentary feedback. (And thanks indeed to the teachers for providing feedback so quickly.)

Peter Cruickshank and I are now on the brink of being able to submit a paper to a conference – the submission deadline is Sunday. Even a week ago we didn’t think we had enough time to turn our draft into a finished article. I’m pretty sure that 90% of the work is Peter’s, as is all of the idea behind it.

We have also responded to an invitation to do more work around CC digital engagement. That we were invited makes us pretty confident that we will be commissioned to do this work.

Best of all, today an LA official told us that our work has had some genuine impact:

The move … was partly inspired by your … report

I’ve cut this right down to keep the official anonymous.


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