My actual and potential research areas

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Professor Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank and I yesterday had a productive meeting about our research plans, focussing on recent funding applications. Peter and I have the following actual and potential work-streams. I also have other work activities, as shown below. Peter also has teaching and other duties which aren’t shown.

Area Status Dates and notes
Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management around CC digital engagement awaiting outcome of funding application
Visualisation of hyperlocal data not yet funded to extend CC Location Finder
2016 survey of CC online presences to start!
  • late spring 2016-early summer 2016 (TBC)
  • to extend 2012 and 2014 surveys
Transfer lessons from other forms of community engagement to CC digital engagement to consider potential collaboration with Tessa Berg
More digiCC workshops funding application in progress to build on January’s digiCC workshop
Digital Proxies refining concept –––
Workforce Mapping in progress
employment research in progress
  • ends April 2015
  • contract research (ERI)
  • my work is helping run and take notes at focus groups
table-creation to start
  • contract research (ERI)
  • tasks to be confirmed 2015_03_11
paper for ePART15 in progress deadline 2015_03_15
Knowledge Management module in progress taught by Prof Hall
various tasks for CSI in progress –––



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