So far it’s been a fine day

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2014-08-02 23:42:00 bouncy My MacBook Air nightly clone of its SSD to an external HD

(Several links in this post are to Facebook pages. They’re marked F)

A wee jigger of coffee before spinningF, led by the always infectiously energetic AndyF. I can’t remember all of it but there was lots of climbing and out-of-saddle action to a dance mix of New Year’s Day* at about 20 minutes. Just right to transition into the length of the session when we might be coming down from the initial post-warm-up mayhem. Then lots of runs – I’ve still not got the technique to stand and turn the pedals at high cadences without holding myself rigidly to the handlebars YET. Thanks to EllyF on my left, Colin on my right for the good examples, and to JeannieF in front of me on the stage for showing how it’s done. Jeannie – it was great to follow your feet! All in all, ace – and I left with a wild grin on my face.

Then home, wash, change into fresh lycra and to Hendersons to meet up with friends from St Andrews. They cycled to Edinburgh on their tandem yesterday, and will return the same way tomorrow – respect! Al is a complete cyclopath, full of ‘see cyclist, chase cyclist’ stories from all around Scotland, including 250 miles across Scotland’s widest, hilliest bits in 2 days. His fastest recorded downhill speed – 52 mph – beats mine by 20mph, and he says he wasn’t pedalling when he did it. I was when I did mine. However, he thinks that Elly and I were insane to do the A82 south from Fort William. I just think it’s tarmac, we’re not banned from it, so I’m going to use it. And I have the right to do so – see here.

More stories and laughs with Al and Sheena over soya-milk lattes, vegan tiffin and tea at Affogato and back at Servants’ Quarters. After Al and Sheena left, Elly and I tiptoed through the raindrops to go shopping – en route I phoned my parents, who seem to be doing OK. The only current issue is that their washing machine has broken down after many year’s faithful service. Back at Servants’ Quarters, I washed steaming and sweaty kit from this morning while Elly cooked. After dinner my endorphins and caffeine ran out and I into a post-prandial torpor. My revival was aided by a delicious mango – juicy and just a little bit tart.

OK, so this is all very trivial but I’m in a happy mood and so I’d like to share it – maybe it will help someone else know there are good times to be had. Roll on next week’s Tour o’ the Borders!

* something like this, only even more storming


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