19 June: Worcester to Stockholm and beyond

Travel details

Drive Worcester 08:30 Heathrow 11:00 NA
Flight Heathrow 13:30 Stockholm 16:55 BA0780
Train Stockholm airport Stockholm station Train 38
Train Stockholm station 22:40 Kiruna 14:22 the next day sleeper train

Ian had booked a parking space near Heathrow. I don’t remember much about the journey, just that I am incredibly grateful to Elly for staying in Worcester to be with mum and Sue.

Dad with beers

12:03     What do okkers do before a long journey?

and they eat too

12:04     And they eat too.

someone looks happy

12:33     Someone looks happy.


in the train compartment

22:59     in the train compartment

stowed luggage

23:02     stowed luggage

Startseite         Vorwärts


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