Pleasing cycle

When Mood Music
2013-08-08 11:55:00 pleased Metallic Spheres – The Orb featuring David Gilmour
To Cramond And back totals and averages
Ride Time 15:26 17:43 33:09
Stopped Time 00:43 01:31 02:14
Distance 4.19 miles 4.26 miles 8.45 miles
Average speed 16.30 mph 14.42 mph 15.32 mph
Fastest Speed 29.74 mph 26.35 mph NA
Ascent 102 feet 340 feet 442 feet
Descent 190 feet 248 feet 438 feet
Energy Burn 859 kJ 911 kJ 1770 kJ

Quite pleasing outward speed but I’ve gone faster down the hill from Quality Street junction to Cramond (32mph) and I’ve never yet maintained over 10mph up that hill. One of these days….


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