Tour de Forth!

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2013-08-04 18:01:00 pleased

We’re just back from this.

I think there were about 8 Lifescyclers doing this ‘classic’ version and I caught site of at least one Lifescycler who could eat the sportive version (same distance, but going at it harder, aiming for a time) for breakfast.

There was sunshine, some headwind, occasional cooling breezes – this one was fun!

Thanks to Ian and Jane for coming to meet us and encourage us at Culross. Congratulations to all who took part – especially those who were getting used to new bikes*.

Thank you, as ever, to Lifescycle for getting me fit enough to do this. And public congratulations to Elly on completing her first non PedalForScotland cycling event!

So just two questions

  • Could I have done another 35 miles? (I want to do a 100-mile event.)
  • Sportive next year – on my beloved touring bike? Yes sir!

I mapped the ride in two parts because I thought my main phone was about to give out, and I didn’t bring the portable battery.

Part 1: Ocean Terminal to South Queensferry Part 2: South Queensferry to Ocean Terminal OVERALL
ride time 4:20:31 1:13:14 5:33:45
stopped time 44:38 0:00:00 0:44:38
distance 53.24 miles 12.61 mile 65.85 miles (average 11.9 mph)
average speed 12.26 mph 10.33 mph 11.9 mph
fastest speed 27.13 mph 35.01 mph
ascent 1768 299 2067
descent 1868 121 1989 – which explains why I felt so high when I finished!
energy burn 11,979 kJ 2376 kJ 14,355 kJ

*It can take a couple of months to get a bike set up just right. For several months I thought I’d bought the wrong bike and wished Lev would be stolen, so I could get insurance money to buy something different. Now I wouldn’t swap him for any other piece of kit. He just takes me where I want to go!)

Right, time to soak some gently throbbing particles….

Results are here. Not sure I understand them. (Chip time = 6:18:23, which is pretty near to the sum of cyclemeter’s sum of ride and stopped times [6:28:23]. Gun time = 6:55:26])

Photos are here (Facebook)


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