Linz to Melk

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2013-07-21 23:21:00

77 miles today.

this morning was quite hard. Lots of roadents going in both directions: the older male roadies were all mustachioed and mulleted as if they had retired from 80s German porn.

We obeyed a ‘radweg closed’ sign and so found ourselves a bit lost in a wee village called Asten. I think the closure was a relic of the floods 6 weeks or so ago.

I was quite wobbly for a few minutes: some glucose and my last vegan chocolate bar fixed that for the moment. Drinks-break in Enns (organic Darjeeling and coffee) helped a lot too.

Then we pushed on past Wallsee, looking for lunch – yet more salad and bread for me and Elly’s first Schinkenkäsetoast (ham and cheese on toast) of this trip. We couldn’t refill our camels with tap-water here: the recent floods had contaminated the water supply. A bloke sat at our table described how the floods had covered all the farmland for miles around.

Lunch really rejuvenated me, as if I’d not cycled at all yesterday! I have to recommend the wee ice-cream shop in Enns: vegan Marillen (apricot) ice cream just can’t be beaten. Or was it simply the heat?

And so on to Melk. By now the headwind had died down and the evening was starting to cool. Bet was very welcome, but after the rich dark Czech and German brews, ‘lager’ is losing appeal.

Again this sounds like moaning but we’ve cycled through some beautiful countryside (I need a helmet-mounted video camera!) and I’m quietly proud of this amount of cycling.

And today I abandoned the base-layer and padded tights. My nether regions will take a while to forgive me.


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