More on independence thoughts

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2013-07-02 14:46:00 I need to do some work Leftfield – song of life

For me, the most annoying thing about the current UK government system is that while there are governmental bodies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England is done by the Westminster government.*

To make the system coherent, I’d want a separate body for England, then a body doing all of the UK. This could be simply a federal clearing-house, a body that deals with things that are likely to affect all of the UK** or it could delve deeply into ‘regional’ matters. I don’t care*** so long as there are the same number of tiers of government, with the same sets of powers and duties, over all UK citizens.

Perhaps this is a start…

*Please tell me what annoys you the most about the current system! (No need to parade the perceived pros and cons of different parties within the system.)

*** such as defence, interregional transport links, disease control: invaders, motorways and railways and disease vectors either shouldn’t be or aren’t persuaded by lines on a map

***Actually, I do care but my opinions aren’t well-informed enough to go into here and now. They’re also quite fluid.


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