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2013-07-01 16:31:00 Investigative none

I’ve started some work with Brandelicious, a start-up company that pools some talents from Edinburgh Napier University’s marketing and computing departments.

Brandelicious’s idea is to build an online marketplace or set of shops within a shop (think of Amazon or Ebay ‘shops’ – but with a personal feel) that builds relationships between customers and family producers, to give their great products a supportive online home. Ideally this will also show the next generation that a living can be made from these products, so that the current generation’s skills and knowledge aren’t lost. My current role in this is to research how customers would prefer to shop on Brandelicious’s website, in particular which product categories and choices appeal to online shoppers.

This survey is my initial attempt to research this area. I’m grateful for any constructive answers, so please spread it far and wide. Because the survey was limited to 10 questions, I’d welcome extra comments on this blog post.


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