too much!

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2012-10-14 23:48:00 Anti-Christ Dub – Yabby U

I’m too much of a magpie – the kit that routinely adorns Lev consists of:

  • jPhone 4 on handlebars
  • frame bag containing a porridge bar and a number of Organica vegan energy bars
  • under-saddle bag containing
    1. multi-tool
    2. chain-tool
    3. inner-tube patches, glue and sandpaper
    4. combination hex spanners, cone spanner and spoke key
    5. oil
    6. mini-pump
    7. small adjustable spanner
    8. tyre levers
    9. wet-wipes
    10. polythene gloves

    (Items 1 to 4 came with the bag. It also came with light plastic tyre levers but they’re not strong enough to move Lev’s heavy-duty tyres, so I carry old-school metal levers.)

  • pannier containing
    1. over-trousers
    2. two spare inner tubes
    3. fleece jumper
    4. neoprene overshoes
    5. spare fleece gloves
    6. winter gloves
    7. mini USB mouse
    8. ethernet cable
    9. USB cable
    10. iphone charging cable and plug
    11. headphone charger cable
    12. spare batteries for lights
    13. arnica cream
    14. pain cream
    15. toothbrush and paste
    16. shampoo

This barely leaves room in the pannier for the water-bottles, small towel and shirt I need for spinning. Advice on what to omit would be appreciated!


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