Aquatics and Sunday randomness

When Mood Music
2012-10-14 23:15:00 awake Balls out – the Bloodhound Gang

Relatively early this morning, I ran water to do washing up, then left it for a while to do something else. A few minutes later, I wanted to start soaking porridge remnants from a saucepan. However, no water came out of the tap – in fact no water came out of any of our taps.

I heard a pneumatic drill from the front of the house and guessed that a leak was being fixed – I’d noticed water on the surface of the corner of Drumsheugh Gardens and Queensferry Street even when it wasn’t raining over the past few days. Indeed, some Scottish Water folk were digging up that bit of road and told me they had turned off the water. I asked them why we hadn’t been told – apparently SW don’t do this ‘for emergencies’ – they find too many people don’t answer the door. A slip of paper through the letter box would have been nice, boys and girls!

So, despite me being less than pristine after yesterday’s exertions, Elly and I set off toward Tiso’s to buy some waterproof stuffsacks for her panniers. We ended up buying these, some hideously expensive overtrousers for Elly, neoprene cycling overshoes for me, electrolyte tablets, special gunk for washing waterproof gear and even more special gunk for re-waterproofing said gear. We then took Fidel, Elly’s bike up to the bike co-op for his 6-weeks-after-purchase service. I also asked about the creak in Lev’s pedal I’d heard yesterday. However, the creak had stopped. Ah well, I frequently pass the co-op on my way to and from Napier, so it’ll not be hard to drop him in if it recurs.

We then had lunch at a new venture called the Purple Pig Café before meandering home via Real Foods and settling in for an afternoon of happy idleness with our restored water supply.


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