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2012-03-06 19:30:00 contemplative Be my friend – Scape feat. D.Empress

I’ve just received my mark for the first piece of coursework for the Web-enabled business module. This is worth 30% of the overall mark for this module.

Details schmetails

I’ve passed, but not as well as I’d have liked. However, considering I feared I’d not passed because I wasn’t thinking academically enough, I’m content to have passed – and I will learn from the comments! I’m certainly not happy that my references weren’t entirely in alphabetical order.

My work is here (warning – this is a 15MB PDF) and the marker’s comments are here.

From the email delivering the marks: I attach your provisional coursework marks, with comments against each of the requirements. Please note that the marks may be adjusted up or down as a result of moderation.

I’m not hoping for a higher mark but will be disappointed if my mark is lowered.

Marks so far
Because I’m taking this module ‘for fun’, I’m not including this mark in my trail of marks so far (which I calculate as 88·47% – see my infographic).


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