Living below the line

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2011-04-28 00:05:00 contemplative

I tend to be easily-led, it seems. The latest wheeze my hostess has gotten me into, albeit perfectly willingly, is this. (The website is apparently a little clunky to navigate.)

Here’s most of what we’ll survive on for 5 days:

And here’s what it cost:

Item Amount Cost
Tesco Scottish porridge oats 1 kg £0·99
Tesco Value long grain rice 1 kg £0·49
Tesco Value vegetable soup 2 * 400 g £0·34
Tesco Value penne 2 * 500 g £0·18
Tesco value veg stock cubes 5 packs of 10 cubes £0·50
Tesco market value brown onions 2 kg £1·18
Indus red split lentils 2 kg £2·69

No doubt our abdominal rumblings and flatulence will be audible in Fife. You have been warned!


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