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2010-02-18 22:53:00 optimistic Highly Illogical – Leonard Nimoy

I learnt today that an old friend of our family was interred today. (I think mum first met her at Birmingham University, when she was an undergraduate.)

I’d heard she had inoperable illness at the end of 2009. While she was in no state to receive visitors, I did phone her, and I’m glad of that. However, I heard no further news until today when I chanced to phone my parents. She’d died about a week ago, and was today interred in a tree-burial in Worcestershire. She was a doctor in Birmingham, a gynecologist if I’ve understood correctly. It seems fitting that her way of passing is about continuing life. I’m going to Worcester tomorrow so her physical resting place will be on my itinery.

L’Chaim, Eva. It was a privilege to know you.

I should also make mention here of her earlier-deceased husband, David. My first is him is of as a tall, incredibly intense, yet wise and kind man. Quite an encounter for an under-5! Also a privilege to have known you – and thank you for publishing mum!

There was other sad news today but I don’t think I can blog about it (yet).

However, I’ve tagged this post as optimistic because such folk and my friends remind me how great humans can be, even when my eyes want to leak. And please rest assured that all the humans, geeks, electronica, cuddly toys and other denizens of Servants’ Quarters are fine and very pleased to be under the same roof.


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