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2010-02-07 23:49:00 satisfied

A reasonable amount of pleasant stuff occurred:

  • Book group met on Friday evening at the Canny Man’s. Discussed The Unbelievers: the author was due to be there but was called away to a family emergency at the last moment.
  • On Saturday morning, I caught up with emails from friends in India. In the evening, we went to one of my hostess’s friends 40th birthday parties. I managed to dress suitably ‘glamorous’, thanks to my hostess’ aesthetic sense, and not be offensive.
  • Today, I slept in enough to not wake up feeling drained. Then
    1. We cycled to Leith to buy ingredients for our Indian cookery class at Rajah Supermarket. At first we thought it was a simple corner-shop. Then we asked about buying saffron and were directed around the back into a huge treasure-trove of foodstuffs and cooking equipment. Bought almost all we needed apart from a pestle and mortar and normal supermarket items. I didn’t find an idli pan but I’m sure all I needed to do was ask.
    2. We cycled back to Servants’ Quarters, where I prepared a tikka marinade and put lightly fried plain tofu to infuse flavour. We don’t have a grill so I hope this will work in the oven.
    3. I cycled to Craigleith and bought normal supermarket stuff and a large-capacity pestle and mortar.
    4. Back at SQ, I made veggie-mince chilli, flavoured with wine and nicaraguan chocolate.
    5. I jury-repaired my rear mudguard. The middle stays ‘wanted’ to be at about 45° (taking vertical as 0°) but were fixed to the mudguard at about 30°. Eventually the metal holding the stays to the actual mudguard parted company from their rivets. Fortunately this metal has a central hole just wide enough to take an M6 bolt (of which I have more than I’ll ever use). So I just needed to drill a Φ6 hole at 45° around the mudguard and insert a bolt, add a nut and washer and tighten it all. Much easier than buying taking off the mudguard and rear wheel, and zero expense. There’s about 15 mm extra of bold sticking up from the mudguardbut because it’s almost under the carrier rack, it’ll do no harm.

I think that’s enough for one weekend.

 When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin from IV (Rating: 0)


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