It’s in the trees, it’s coming!

When Mood Music
2008-01-16 17:49:00

The Mill is on its way to becoming much more mac-tastic. In addition to the current Pismo (400MHz G3 laptop) and Quicksilver (800MHz G4 desktop), a rather shiny 17-inch 1·67GHz G4 is on its way to to my hostess.

At the same time, she’s bought a new flat-screen monitor but there’s a slight hitch – the Quicksilver’s videoport is ADC but the monitor has DVI input. So until the relevant adaptor arrives, Quicksilver is hooked up to an old HP CRT monitor. This, along with the rest of HP PC, is due to disappear soon, leaving this flat almost entirely mac-flavoured. The exceptions are occasional visits by my hostess’ work PC laptop, her ever-present blackberry and my almost-mothballed Palm Zire.

And why is the Zire moribund? It’s still as good as it ever was, and it has been a very useful thing for almost five years. (I hope I can find it a home where it will continue to be cherished – any takers out there?) However, thanks to my fabby hostess and family, I have an iPhone. Music-player, phone, web-browser, enough of a PDA and enough of a camera, all in one! I love it to bits already. The only serious drawback I’ve found is its requirement for USB2 on the mac it links to.

However, for anyone who wants to wander around listening to music, surfing and emailing, it’s just the job! Thinking of which, I really need one of those job-things soon…


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