17 inches of shiny joy!

When Mood Music
2008-01-24 16:35:00

How long have I been longing to use this heading? Well, my wait is over thanks to my hostess’ new 17″ PowerBook G4 (January 2005 stylee, aka ‘Burns’). You can see it hiding behind Pismo and keeping Windtunnel’s new monitor warm here and you can see the specs here.

Bah! Just realised the ‘pile of Mac’ photo is missing my hostess’ iPod.

Here’s a rough speed comparison: the seconds taken to boot MS Word and Excel (2004 and 2008 versions) on our macs:

Software/Mac   Pismo (G3/400MHz)   Windtunnel (G4/800MHz)   Burns (G4/1·67GHz)
Excel 2004 15 12 not tested
Excel 2008 40 25 19
Word 2004 12 5 not tested
Word 2008 31 30 25

This probably says more about caches, amount of RAM available and hard disk speeds than it does about number-crunching.


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