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2006-12-15 23:17:00 apathetic

I’ve been utterly shattered and full of headache for no good reason since Sunday morning. This rather dulled the pleasure of visiting various friends in Fife. I keep hoping it will go away but no matter how much I sleep, the tiredness and lethargy are still here.

Assuming I can get to Livingston and pass manual dexterity and eye-sight tests, I have a good chance of being employed next year: working on a night-shift production line, assembling medical bits and pieces. This will be long-term temporary position, and I’m so looking forward to commuting to Livingston’s Kirkton Campus for 10pm each evening.

Pilgrim’s (lack of) Progress
I was looking forward to doing something constructive this afternoon before and after the interview for the above job. However I spent the time frantically searching for my passport to prove to the employers that I’m British enough to work in the UK. I’ve found my out-of date passports, including a UK one, and that seems to have been enough for this purpose. However, my passport with my lovely visa stamps for India, Singapore and Indonesia may well be gone forever.

I think I’ve at last caught up with scanning all of the souvenirs that I want to put on Random Bozo’s travelogue. The last piece to go on a page I’d already put up was an issue of an education journal on 6th June. Other scans will go up at the same time as I put up their days’ photos and text. I think I still have a chance of finishing it by the end of 2006.

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