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2006-07-13 11:33:00

I got as far as uploading these on Tuesday before the dial-up connection apparently irretrievably died.

everybody’s gone smurfing… smurfing cardomom

"" Gopalakrishna cutting jackfruit
"" digging a banana-plant hole
"" How a banana-plant hole should look
"" My banana-plant holes: some practice needed, methinks.
"" The public school in Nedumkandam
"" exposure before my peers
"" planting
"" digging cardomom-plant holes
"" I think my cardomom-plant holes were better than my banana-plant holes.
"" Ajeesh, Santosh and Bruce
"" The aftermath!

I found it far easier to sit on the edge of the hole and hack down to increase the edge-depth, then stand in the hole to lift the soil out. Of course this meant I kept sitting on freshly-dug soil. What are little boys made of?


Bugger, bugger, bugger! A big political demonstration has just gone by. My camera is 2 km away, back at the house. Duh!


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