Still alive and grinning

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2006-07-10 17:55:00

quietly happy
Today’s just been some work (5 more cardomom pits dug but no planting yet), followed by laundry, followed by a hot shower, followed by waiting for a long enough pause in the rain to walk to town.

Ajeesh is still away – he’s taking some people to Kollam and I wasn’t awake enough to hear him go. I’d slept badly and spent most of the day reading and ‘talking’ or otherwise passing time with Sandra.

Yesterday was mostly about staying dry. I remember I had a vile headache in the evening and so missed being one of the many millions engrossed in watching sport. I was also briefly at another wedding function – Ajeesh and I had been invited to eat with the wedding party

Sandra seems to have adopted me – she likes taking me for walks around the ‘suburb’ but I get a bit uneasy when she twice took me into other folks’ houses – social conventions force them to give hospitality. (Fortunately, one of them was Santosh’s house so his kids knew who I am.) This is lovely but I don’t feel comfortable because I’ve not been invited in. I am sure these are Sandra’s friends’ houses and it’s fine for her to wonder in and out but, even allowing for the portion of my discomfort caused by the language barriers, until I at least know the parent’s names, in future, I’ll manufacture an excuse to stay outside. Bloody British reserve!

Many people, including Sandra and local kids, have taken it upon themselves to tell me malayalam words for everything under the sun. But because I can’t always see what they’re pointing to, and it very rarely sticks, it can lead to frustration on both sides.

nice things
A couple of nice things to report. The liquid sunshine became intense while I was walking to town yesterday. I stopped at a local shop to shelter. Someone waiting there flagged doen an auto for me and made sure I knew the correct fare. I don’t think the driver would have asked for more but I do appreciate this help.

Also, on Saturday, the younger of the cybercafe owners’ sons told me that yesterday would be his birthday. Here, is the custome to give sweets to your friends on your birthday. As I was leaving he gave me a sweet. Often too, chai has turned up here, unasked-for and without cost. I think the owners are grateful because I speak english with the boys but maybe it’s because they’re just nice too!

Hoping to upload some pix of Santosh, Ajeesh and I wielding our tumbars tomorrow, weather, current and telephone connectivity permitting. I should have time to complete the essay for DS while waiting for them to upload.


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