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When Mood Music
2006-02-10 09:47:00 Little Eva No Surface All Feeling – Manic Street Preachers

Tag history query
I’m still wondering about the ease-of-use to value ratio of LJ-tags. Has anyone noticed, either in the standard LJ browser-interface or in any of the OSX apps (or even in a classic mac OS app) a list of the tags they’ve used so far?

Ryan-air news
This afternoon the atmosphere in the Ryan household was more relaxed than it has been since I arrived. Susan’s told Morrisons this morning that she is ‘minded to accept their offer’ of reinstatement and back pay, so long as it’s given in writing and Morrisons’ records either don’t show the suspicion of pilfering or do mention it but state that it was later proved to be unfounded. Morrisons are also aware that ACAS are talking to their solicitor who submitted the piece about eating some sweets and putting others into a carrier bag, with a view to getting that nonsense expunged. So the chap who ran the Grievance Hearing needs to talk to M’s solicitor and will get back to Sue. However, it still seems that they’ve accepted they were wrong to accuse her in the first place and wrong in how they dealt with the suspicion.

snap crackle pop
Also, mum’s been examined by the doctors working for the insurers of the plonker who crashed into her and wrote off her car a few months ago. They’ve accepted that she has been battered and bruised and that it’ll take her six months to recover to her state before the crash. So she’s feeling vindicated and relieved that this little indignity is over – and is looking forward to feeling less achey in a finite time.

I like my current icons:

  • a clip from me curing a leckie laptop with a hammer:
  • MsInvisFem’s ‘pissed-off Bruce’ drawing:
  • MsInvisFem’s impression of me flying the sexiest laptop ever:
  • MsInvisFem has also drawn me a ‘cambo pig’ icon:

I’m very grateful to MsInvisFem for the latter three!
However, since my Random Bozo alter-ego is about to take over, I think I need one that celebrates my randomness. Any volunteers? Here’s a few pix that could be worked with:

  • My first ever passport photo (from when I was 16)
  • My mini-parents and I
  • Tramping around
  • Marianne, Latimer and I
  • Me about 17 years ago

bigger versions of these pix are of course available.

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