Trying a new piece of backup software…

When Mood Music
2005-10-10 00:18:00 experimental Decades-Joy Division-Closer

A demo version of Retrospect Remote came with some software I bought ages ago. Finally got bored enough with manual backups using Silverkeeper to try it.


  • It’s fully automatable…
  • …so it can use just about any media.
  • …and can be set to back up to differenct media sets on different days, so that I can avoid obliterating yesterday’s backup
  • If I wanted, I could use System Preferences to power up the G4 in the middle of the night, then have Retrospect Remote run the backups, then use System Preferences to power off the mac. However System Preferences only offers one power-up/power down cycle per day, so I’d loose my get-to-work 8·55 am alarm.


  • When it’s running, it slows the mac to a crawl – but I should I really be using the mac (and hence possibly altering data) when a backup is in progress? Er, no.

I’ll keep on with it unless anyone has a better – ideally free – solution.

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