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2005-08-10 23:44:00 sleepy Paranoid Eyes-Pink Floyd-The Final Cut

Life goes on its usual round, namely work and Community Council getting in the way of other things I need to do (and as for thing things I want to do…)

Today was a good example:

  1. no lunch (a) cos I’m a fat git, (b) cos stuff coming in thick and fast.
  2. Got out around 6:30.
  3. Went to local store.
  4. I have no cash on me and their card machine accepts neither my credit card nor my switch card.
  5. panic-struck phonecalls to bank and credit card company confirm that I have the amount of cash in the bank that I’d calculated and under £100 owing to the credit card.
  6. home, “cook” a quick sausage sandwich
  7. trudge to CC meeting, where we discuss yet again how to sort the Hon Cit scheme so that the Jack Nicklaus scenario has much less chance of recurring.
  8. Since this is only a committee meeting, we can’t make any decisions, just recommendations to full CC
  9. Then we discuss other stuff but again, can’t come to decisions.
  10. Then Chair, Secretary and I launch into paperwork to do with one of our bank accounts
  11. This reminds me I still haven’t replaced the main account’s signatory who has resigned from CC
  12. Finally escaoe before 10.30

Now I’m home, trying to sort out other random crap but seeming no nearer to being ready for the massive changes that are coming up. Oh well, maybe some sleep will help. G’night

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