Interstellar Underpants part 6: the skidmarks strike back even harder

When Mood Music
2005-04-18 19:10:00 depressed This Time-Verve-Urban Hymns (Revised)

I’ve tried booting the Pismo with my mum’s iBook’s power cable and yo-yo. No joy.
I’ve had a friend test both my yo-yos and my power cable. They give out the right voltages and currents.

Pretty conclusive that part of the Pismo’s internals is toast.

It’s almost no consolation that the arcing in the power cable that arrived with the Pismo may have been the culprit. I’ve tried the new and old HDs in an external USB bok attached to the G4 – they still work.

Hopefully next month I will be able to afford to get the Pismo fixed… until then I’m a very sad Myceliumme.

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