Silicon overdose

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2005-03-05 23:16:00

OK, I now have more computers than I know what to do with:

  • Palm Zire: probably the best present ever – thank you .
    OK, most of you will call it a PDA but it’s still a computer to me. (The nearest available model is the Zire 21 – same as the Zire but 8MB rather than 2)
  • Two Powerbook Duo 230s: 33MHz, 4MB RAM, 300MB HD- bought as a job lot for £12 so I could cannibalise their keyboards as replacements for the keyboard on the Duo 2300c. This didn’t work – instead of the problem below, neither of these keyboards have functional spacebars or Q keys!
  • Powerbook Duo 2300c plus DuoDock: 100MHz, 56MB RAM, 1.1GB HD and 1.0GB HD in the DuoDock (but dead 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 and keys and many dead pixels)
    A brilliant idea: a barebones laptop (CPU, monitor, keyboard, and trackpad) but slot it in the Dock and you have a desktop-style computer.
    Must-have-all-my-peripherals-with-me-now roadwarriors can clip on a mini-Dock which allows addition of external ADB keyboard and mouse, floppy drive, 10BaseT ethernet, monitor, modem and SCSI drive. Their shoulders will ache!
  • PowerMac G4/400 MHz. A bit more than the stock model and a great machine under OS9 but pedestrian under OSX. Still, apart from the Zire, it’s my only fully-functional computer.
    384MB RAM
    original 10GB ATA HD, 80GB ATA HD, 35GB SCSI HD
    original 100MB Zip drive
    4-port USB card
    TV tuner card – only works under OS9
    SCSI card
    original DVD-RAM drive in an external USB2 box
    external SCSI CD-RW
    Macally keyboard and mouse
    Wacom A6 graphics tablet
  • My latest baby: Powerbook G3/Firewire (aka Pismo): 400MHz, 128MB RAM and 6GB HD
    Dead DVD-R drive – sob, sniff
    See next-but-one post for my plans to hotrod this sexy beast.

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