The universe strikes back


When Mood Music
2004-10-23 19:34:00 contemplative The Cramps-Aligator Stomp

So far today had been very pleasant. I’d been on time for the bookshop opening today. I’d restrained myself from walking out with piles of worthy tomes but had seen a few candidates for christmas presents. I’d had a pleasant lunch at the cellar bar with Gavin and Lisa and, latterly, Jane Ann. Julia and I then had an enjoyable hour’s conversation, including talking about moderately personal things. I’d expressed curiosity about something and even though I was very curious about it, managed not to insist too hard and, as far as I can tell, not pissed her off. For very recent exes, we seem to be doing OK.

However, I’ve just called Ewan to ask when tonight’s drinking competition would start. His and his mum’s oldest cat, Odie, had just been put to sleep, so now isn’t a good time. I think Ewan will be quite upset and his mum will be devastated.

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