the grand plan goes to shit….

When Mood Music
2004-09-21 21:06:00 anxious Manic Street Preachers: life becoming a landslide

I planned to tell folk in this order:

  1. Pete and Jane tonight but Jane’s away till silly o’clock this evening
  2. Elly (cos Heather already knows and it seems wrong to treat them unequally)
  3. Angela and Mark (Angela introduced me to IM which got me together with you in the first place. They, along with Elly, Heather and Richard are my oldest friends)
  4. parents
  5. those who need to know at work

Also, I feel kinda bad at demanding back the overtime from the Past Papers considering I’ve just cost GL a load of money. I have 15 regular days of holiday left and want to see the PP project through, then go somewhere and do the necessary crying, so I can get it over with and start to try to reconstruct my life.

Part of this will involve trying to sort with J how I need to interact with her from now on. She is a nice person and there are so many parts of her that are worthwhile and and delightful to interact with but I need to convince myself not to want a return to the ‘good old days’, while still seeing her as a special friend?

Update: 10.44pm: just spoken with Elly, so plan not too badly off-kilter now.

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