better make this quick

When Mood Music
2004-09-21 20:51:00 dorky REM: Monty got a raw deal
  1. huge thanks to Jayne and David for helping me get the wood (which will soon floor some of my loft) home last night.
  2. it’s been an interesting day
    • The new proofs of the stuffed maths answers weren’t ready first thing this morning (which had been promised)
    • Some chasing got them to appear
    • I checked them and signed them off
    • Then arrived two other proofs ready for sign-off, so I checked them and signed them off.
    • But they arrived with a proof of a book which should not yet have reached that stage – we’d had to stop it because of a © problem
    • so phonecalls ‘er, if we have to reprint this section, this is at printer’s cost, cos we told you not to print it yet’
    • Then our secretary calls up – she took someone to Dundee and then had a puncture – can my colleague go rescue her
    • so he did, and reapperared 3 hours later, cos they’d had to get her new tyre fitted to the wheel, take this back to the car, get the car unimpounded, fit the wheel and then get home
    • meanwhile phones were going crazy!

Then got parcels from Lady Ja nd had to deal with her embarrassment at who she is. But she has FUCK-ALL to be embarrassed about. We all have our faults and hers are mearely the impetuosity of youth, and are far outweighed by her central concern (almost to a fault) for others!

Right, time to go plank my loft!

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