Is there no end to my clumsiness?

When Mood Music
2004-09-19 21:43:00 uncomfortable the hissing of the rice cooker

Is there no end to my clumsiness or at least lack of thought? Whatever I do as ‘natural Bruce’ hurts Julia. OK, I could say it’s none of her business but by telling her, I make it part of her business and she can’t help but have feelings. So I could either not do something or do it and lie. Of course, I do it and tell her…

… and she is horrified and numbed, right in the middle of a college crisis.

And to cap it all, one of the leading components of my tension is that I haven’t been able to talk with Julia properly, so I go out and do something that makes her have more feelings and makes me tired so I have even less time and ability to communicate!

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