Countdown to LeithChooses voting…3,2,1!

Steps to voting

  • Read through the short descriptions of all the projects.
  • Note the four you want to vote for. (Include at least one from those marked as ‘Qualifies for a  Boost Vote’.)
  •  On or after 25th January, go to the voting website
  •  Register with your postcode and email address.
  •  Follow the prompts and place your 4 votes.
    • You have 3 ‘normal’ votes – you can vote for any 3 projects. (You can’t give any project more than one of your ‘normal’ votes.)
    • You have 1 ‘boost’ vote, which you can give to any project that qualifies for a boost vote. You can give this to a project that got one of your ‘normal’ votes, or to a different project.
  •  Click to submit.

If you’ve already read through the projects and selected those you wish to vote for, then actual voting will only take you a few minutes.

If you haven’t yet read about the projects, you will still be able to see the information on the LeithChooses website and on the voting website, after registering.

You have a whole week (25 to 31 January 2021) to vote – but PLEASE don’t leave it to the last minute!

(Text shamelessly adapted from LeithChooses blog-post!)


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