What has Bruce been up to (late March to early April 2018)

Last week

This week

  • Monday 2: drafting a funding application – this took all day, instead of the planned 3 hours!
  • Tuesday 3: can’t remember
  • Wednesday 4: more work on the Napier report; meeting about plans for tram extension. My personal position is that if done well, this will be beneficial. Tram systems I’ve encountered in Europe have seemed to be good things. (So, for example, the proposed extension could reduce need for cars, could enable Leith’s huge population to reach Edinburgh’s city centre and beyond easily, and could enable Edinburgh’s tram system to be profitable.) But if done badly – and the evidence from building the current tram system suggests that this is likely – it will be an expensive, disruptive white elephant.
  • Thursday 5: drafting another funding application, being interviewed for a PhD student’s research on use of social media
  • Friday 6: more writing about the MIL-DEM project; meeting about Thursday’s funding application
  • Saturday 7: more writing about the MIL-DEM project; new spreadsheets for the new financial year
  • Sunday 8: redrafting will, Powers of Attorney and supplementary guidance to my attorneys; this blog piece; then will do more writing about the MIL-DEM project

I’m sure there was more – I don’t seem to have stopped this week. Next week’s presumed highlights include Holyrood Tweetup


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