Infected – again

Updates and info after speaking with doctor:

  • a sliding hiatus hernia is where a bit of stomach slides up through the diaphragm. I don’t have any gut sticking through my abdominal wall, thank $deity/universe! Apparently many people live with and don’t even know they have this sort of hernia.
  • anorexia in this case simply means I’m not eating normally. I’m not starving myself to attempt to attain an impossible slimness. 4st 7lbs was never my style. (Lyrics are here.)
  • I had been expecting some follow-up from the CT colonography of my bowel but my GP has received nothing about that. She has checked with the doctors who ordered the colonography: I’m to have my chest CT scanned ‘soon’. In the meantime, if I don’t hear about the colonography results this week, I can chase those doctors myself!
  • I’m to avoid acid-promoting foods: no more fruit-juice or squash. No tea or coffee. No Irn Bru. But I’ve not had caffeinated drinks since early February, so that’s no hardship.

Even more cosmic flatulence!


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