Still full of ****!

I saw my GP yesterday – my innards were still not right. He referred me to the colorectal doctors at the Western General hospital. The worst part of this was having a venflon stuck into the crook of my right elbow. I can’t express how much I hate being punctured and then incapable of using an arm.Palpation and x-raying of my abdomen showed that my small intestine is constipated. (I know my colon isn’t – it’s doing its job just fine. After lunch (ratatouille and chips) I was discharged with the following medication and advice.

Treatment 2 Movicols each morning and each evening (i.e. 4 daily). If things don’t get better after a few days, take 2 more Movicols at lunch as well. Go back to my GP if the condition is still there a week hence.

Cause Unknown. The usual suspect is diet change. I cut down on diet Irn Bru recently but hadn’t reduced my fluid intake or changed my diet.

Why is my lower bowel/colon sometimes painful if it’s the small/upper intestines that are blocked? Referred pain, upper intestine hitting other parts

I was told that Movicol causes osmosis to oppose water absorption in lower bowel/colon. So how will it help small/upper intestine? This part absorbs water too, so osmosis will help here too.

Spinning tomorrow? If I’m up for it

Prognosis for 6-month cycling expedition starting in April? Go for it, just watch what’s happening.

So I lurched home, slept for a few hours and then endured a very painful night. I think the blockage in my small intestine was trying to move. This morning’s spin was very welcome, putting some 70s endorphins back into me through music like this. Thank you LifesCycle!



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