Bordering on statistical insanity

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2014-08-11 15:01:00 curious none

So, according to the official results for the short course,

  • I was 159th to finish.
  • I was 108th male to finish.
  • I took 4 hours 23 minutes to finish, hence averaging 12·8mph.
  • The fastest finisher took 2 hours 56 minutes, hence averaging 19·1mph
  • The slowest finisher took 6 hours 33 minutes, hence averaging 8·5mph.
  • 253 entrants finished
  • 4 entrants did not finish.

For the long course (77 miles)

  • The fastest finisher took 3 hours 5 minutes, hence averaging 25mph.
  • The slowest finisher took 7 hours 3 minutes, hence averaging 10·9 mph.
  • 1254 entrants finished.
  • 11 entrants did not finish.

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