We have a new fully-fledged silver surfer!

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2013-09-20 15:38:00 happy No Dance Mix – Dicky Trisco

I have mentioned that my dad now has an iPad mini. I held off getting it connected to the cellular interweb until dad had got to grips with the mini and the relatively seamless internet connection via domestic wifi. (Also, I’d done no research into data deals, partly because I’m lazy and partly because we didn’t know how much dad was likely to use the device away from home.)

However, he’s about to restart teaching a University of the Third Age German class. In these, it’s useful to follow links in Deutsche Welle as the classes progress. That needs internet access, and the classroom may not have wifi.

So I had a look at escapable, pay-as-you-go plans. 3 came top but O2 was a close second for his needs. Their customer service has been very good, in my experience. (I’m very sad that their home broadband is being assimilated by the Murdoch-borg.)

Just now, my dad has taken the mini to an O2 shop, picked up their 1GB/month deal, got the store to fit the SIM and left with it working. How do I know? I’ve just had a FaceTime conversation with him when he was on Worcester’s High Street! (I’d intended to make contact with him at home on his mac, to check out whether the mini had upgraded itself to iOS 7 but he answered the FaceTime call on the mini.)

Next step – decent headphones for the mini. Can anyone recommend bluetooth phones that use bone conduction rather than in-ear wotsits?

Meanwhile, contact while out and about is go!


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