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2013-08-29 15:21:00 so-so Scotland’s Funny Bits

Still tired after the travel from hell:

To Cramond And back totals and averages
Ride Time 17:02 17:58 35:00
Stopped Time 03:45 05:52 09:37
Distance 4.20 miles 4.27 miles 8.47 miles
Average speed 14.78 mph 14.28 mph 14.53 mph
Fastest Speed 29.94 mph 24.95 mph NA
Ascent 106 feet 455 feet 561 feet
Descent 212 feet 394 feet 606 feet
Energy Burn 808 kJ 907 kJ 1715 kJ

I’ve just received a bike camera, which I attached to Lev Davidovich Bikestein’s top tube. There are some issues with the movies:

  • the wind noise is very loud.
  • For both journeys, the camera hung after 18:27, then started a new file dead on 20:00.

The movies are in .avi format. It’s probably best to right-click (PC) or control-click (mac) to download the movies to your own device.

To Cramond Return
part 1* part 2
part 1 part 2

*The fast bit down Cramond Road starts around 17:15.


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